About Me

  • altruistic mindset since she was born
  • changes the world on a daily basis with her tools:
  • singing, songwriting and dancing and through her art:
  • inspires souls to find their true calling and masterplan

The Logo (L3) with 3 “L’s” in the name Lilly stands for: Love cubed

What do the three major keystones in Lilly’s art stand for?

Fairness: is a modern term for righteousness and justice. It involves an awake and intelligent mindset towards our environment.

Positivity: is the ability to turn any situation in our lifes into a positive one, as well as using human suffering as the reference for good.
How could we, for instance, enjoy a meal without experiencing hunger?

Kindness: the highest feeling a being can emerge from, in order to live compassionately in our modern world’s society.

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Lilly Godart

+43 680 506 03 51


Johannesgasse 35

7312 Horitschon